NaturBio Festival greets spring

NaturBio Festival greets spring

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It will be a real one Spring Festival (finally) the NaurBio Festival that takes place Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April to Arese, in Villa La Valera. Exhibition-market of Organic products he was born in conscious consumption, NaturBio it is also an opportunity for study and discussion on the issues of health, nutrition and well-being. This year is the 4th edition and the program has been enriched.

NaturBio will host in the garden of the villa folk dances from the world, demonstrations of qi-gong, pilates and thai-chi, martial arts, postural gymnastics. As many as 50 exhibitors will guide guests through a path in search of healthy living: organic, biodynamic and zero km products will in fact be the protagonists of the food sector, while fabrics, clothing, accessories and cosmetics will be the center of attention in the area dedicated to critical consumption.

A particular area of NaturBio is dedicated to arts for health: shiatsu, foot reflexology, ayurveda, hot-stone and much more. The 2013 edition is particularly rich in new ideas and innovations: having found that the exhibition part is decidedly participatory, the organizers wanted to increase the moments of sharing by inserting a series of meetings on nutrition.

TO NaturBio we talk about nutrition: from the point of view of oriental medicine with Elisa Annita Santoni in his lecture entitled: Common sense about nutrition; with Mirko Baldrocchi that speaks of Nutrimotor and well-being; with Laura Gaballo that in Natural and sustainable nutrition will reveal the secrets of natural nutrition.

Other food for thought will be possible with Laura Schmidt is Vibrational medicine; Emanuela Terzariol with Psychodynamics and Chromotherapy is Valentina Giannella with The importance of psychological well-being. Participation in seminars is free, as is admission to the event.

Again: a free workshop of vegetarian / vegan cuisine and special attention for children with a bicycle ride in the park (accompanied by the Municipal Police of Arese) and a game path organized byFriends of Firefighters Association.

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