Hybrid Air, between petrol and compressed air

Hybrid Air, between petrol and compressed air

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There Citroen, at the Geneva Motor Show, presented a new full solution hybrid which uses hydraulics together withcompressed air. This technology guarantees more than attractive performance with less than 3l / 100 km without the need for additional batteries in order to further reduce theenvironmental impact, offer a price with even more accessible consumption and increase the spaciousness on board.

The technology presented by Citroen is called Hybrid Air and has been designed for commercial vehicles and for segment B and C cars, or for small cars and for sedans medium size. Hybrid Air it was developed in collaboration with the Bosh group.

What is the technology Hybrid Air?
Technology Hybrid Air combines the motorization a petrol to a system of energy storage in the form of compressed air; a set consisting of two hydraulic motor pumps and an automatic transmission, which uses a planetary train.

How will the driving experience change?
To optimize the energy expenditure, the driver can choose between three operating modes. A modality a zero harmful emissions, called "Air mode ", a modality a petrol in which only the heat engine intervenes as happens with the car conventional and a combined mode that matches the power of the engine to the power ofcompressed air. The mode zero emissions it is perfect for urban centers and allows speeds of up to 70 km / h. The thermal mode is suitable for extra-urban environments while the combined mode intervenes in particular in recovery and in the event of strong accelerations, with an immediate boost effect and a power of 90 kW.

Hybrid Air it is an essentially mechanical system, therefore it does not require maintenance operations and facilitates the recycling when the vehicle is scrapped. At the Geneva Motor Show, visitors will be able to admire the C3 Hybrid Air.

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