Fiat Lussino, the hybrid that Fiat lacks

To date, the only one Fiat which equips a electric motor is the 500 E, the greenest car currently on the market as stated by theEPAEnvironmental Protection Agency.

There are those who argue that the Italian car manufacturer could exploit his iconic look to recruit virtuous motorists; waiting for the Fiat can propose new offers, industrial designer Joseph Martinez presented his idea with a traction concept car hybrid in style Fiat.

There Fiat 900 Losinj faces the world with a modern approach to style and functionality. Its characteristics see excellent consumption with the ability to travel about 43 kilometers per liter. Taking the necessary considerations, if the Fiat Losinj were it not just a concept and were to be produced on a large scale, its market price would be around $ 26,000.


Even if the approach is modern, with the Fiat 900 Losinj it pays homage to the past: the trunk is located in the front hood and the engine is located at the rear. There Fiat 900 Losinj it can boast a larger passenger compartment, at least in terms of height, so finally you don't risk hitting the roof with your head! There lithium ion battery it could be located under the rear seats, exactly opposite the electric motor. Other finishes concern the external design: the Fiat Losinj sports beautiful rear doors.

The hybrid powertrain is given by the combination of a electric motor and a thermal one both associated with the Multiair system to further optimize fuel consumption. For what concern heat engine, it would be a 900 cc T1.4 with 130 hp and two cylinders.


The Californian designer Martinez, in designing his Fiat Losinj he made full use of Italian philosophy. To recharge the car, the motorist could rely on Fiat's affiliated charging stations, the "Cafe Charging Stations", Able to recharge thehybrid car while the pilot is comfortably sipping a coffee at the bar!

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