The Renault ZOE recharges in 30 minutes

The Renault ZOE recharges in 30 minutes

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We can think of only two ways of tackling a long journey with aelectric car in a reasonable time: have a vehicle with a long road autonomy, or have the operation electric charging takes place in a reasonably fast time, so as to be able to cover the route by making stages but of short duration.

Still slaves to batteries that to squeeze them to the end guarantee a maximum of around 200 km if traffic is flowing, the best solution is currently the second: fast recharges, which not surprisingly It is in the is Renault they baptized FastRecharge. Alternating current at 43 kW e in 30 minutes the tank is full.

The new one will be the first to have access to the FastRecharge system Renault ZOE, a model expected for this early 2013 that embodies the sensitivity of the French house for e-mobility. For the ultra-fast filling, special columns (larger than the others) at 43 kW will be needed, but obviously the Renault ZOE it can also be recharged in a standard way at 3 kW in the home garage (but it takes 9 hours) or with accelerated recharging at 22 kW in the street columns that are already seen today.

Renault ZOE it costs 21,650 euros without incentives, but it is not certain that these will arrive and even waiting has a cost. Inside is all technology, starting with the Range OptimiZEr system that allows up to 25% more autonomy up to the connector to recharge at any power, from 3 to 43 kW.

Passing through an R-Link multimedia touch screen tablet that allows you to do everything thanks to the Services MY Z. E. CONNECT: communicate, remotely consult information on charging or stop and program charging, including programming the passenger compartment pre-conditioning.

Front It is in the, the FasRecharge system is already spoken of as something that goes beyond a product and becomes, in fact, a system. E-mobility is not made of electric vehicles, and not even of columns, but of the two together. It is important that this system take into account the smart grids in the new ones smart city.

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