Tests continue for cars that drive themselves

Tests continue for cars that drive themselves

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In 2010, Google presented a fleet of seven cars which integrated a very special autopilot. Over the past three years, the automatic pilot Google has come a long way. Google Self Driving Car continues its tests and above all, continues to walk the road towards mass diffusion. Google Self Driving Car, after showing off his talents to Turkish President Abdullah Gul and his wife, he debuted on the streets of Texas.

Let's stop and think: Automobiles that drive themselves, just set a destination and enjoy the journey comfortably. Are we really ready for this? In theory, with Google Self Driving Car you shouldn't even be licensed for "to drive"A car, or yes? Is the system able to cope with the traffic and traffic jams typical of urban centers? Are there laws capable of protecting and regulating the traffic of vehicles that drive themselves?

Google has not asked for any authorization to carry out its tests. He did not ask for the intervention of the traffic police and the traffic police were not needed. L'car of Google has been tested on the roads of Texas, the traffic has not undergone any change. It seems that the automatic driving system tested by Google does not need ad hoc laws!

Google this time he equipped ahybrid car. Most of the tests took place aboard a Toyota Prius but this time, Google decided to pick one Lexus. The car was equipped with Google's automatic driving technology. The experimentation has served above all to establish a relationship between the emerging technology and already members of the Texan transport sector. There Lexus, thus equipped, it crossed the city center until it reached Interstate 35.

California, Nevada and Florida ... in these countries laws have recently been passed allowing the testing of vehicles equipped with automatic pilot. Out and about, they will see each other soon cars without drivers and among these, some will be registered Google.

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