Electric thrills at Motodays in Rome

Electric thrills at Motodays in Rome

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More and more public, shared and electric. Here's what the urban mobility according to all market and common sense indicators known to date. The direction is marked by the problem of air quality in the city (the news of pollution in Beijing is horrifying) and the need to give a cut on fuel costs. For petrol, 1 km costs from 12 to 20 cents, in electric for the same km you spend 2 cents.

It's worth thinking about, especially now that the government program of eco-incentives (from March 14) to cut the purchase cost of 20% low-emission car (electric, hybrid or gas); provided that you arrive in time, given that the fund available for 2013 is only 4.5 million euros for individuals, to which must be added the 35 million for company vehicles and for public use.

That electric mobility is becoming important, and interesting for the market, is testified by the fact that the 2013 edition of Motodays, in Rome from 7 to 13 March, will host the first exhibition 'Move Positive, Electric Drive'. An event renewed compared to the past: no longer just vehicles on display and on test but a real exhibition of 750 square meters entirely dedicated toelectric mobility education.

TOMove Positive, Electric Drive 'you will be able to see the best-selling EVs in Italy. (among others Renault Twizy, the first 100% electric urbancrosser, Birò the four-wheel electric scooter by Estrima ed Ecojumbo of Ecomission, best seller among electric scooters) together with prototypes that reveal the excellence of Italian research: theLPG-electric hybrid Fox, now close to the start of production, and the revolutionaries e-bikes without batteries developed by the Move group of the Politecnico di Milano.

There will be 16 electric vehicles on display at the 'Muoviti Positivo, Guida Elettrico' exhibition, evidence of how far research is going and how vast the panorama of electric vehicles available in Italy is today. In addition to those already mentioned, they will be presented E-Solex, the myth reinvented, Etropolis Reload, the cargo-e-bike for urban deliveries is Kalat there pedal assisted bicycle which looks like a moped, as well as some of the most beautiful and powerful e-bikes produced in Europe.

The exhibition 'Move Positivo, Guida Elettrico' is produced by Rome Fair in partnership with Electrocity, the initiative to promote electric mobility launched in September 2012 in Milan and which, new in the novelty, will arrive in Rome, in Farneto workshops, from 21 to 24 March.

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