XL1, the latest hybrid from Vokswagen

XL1, the latest hybrid from Vokswagen

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According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), L'car more efficient of the world is Italian and is the Fiat 500E. Probably, the glory of Fiat 500E it will not last long because a 'car which promises to be even more efficient, the new Volkswagen XL1.

The new Volkswagen XL1 promises to travel 261 miles per gallon, equivalent to about 111 kilometers on a single liter. L'efficiency of the registered car Volkswagen is dictated by the construction materials, they are extremely light, from the frame to the engine. For the production of the XL1, the German car manufacturer will adopt a technology already widespread in the world of four wheels, the same technology used in the factories Porsche is Ferrari.


There Volkswagen XL1 comes with a sporty look, the supercar will be built in the Osnabruck VW factory, its main component (if we exclude the mechanical part) will be a very light monocoque in carbon fiber.

There volkswagen XL1 is the first hybrid car that allows you to travel 100 kilometers with 0.9 L of fuel, thanks to the efficiency of the engines. The hybrid technology of the XL1 combines a common rail TDI turbodiesel engine with an electric motor. The heat engine is a twin-cylinder 0.8-liter turbodiesel TDI with 48 horsepower and 120 Nm of torque. The electric motor it is capable of an output of 27 horsepower and 150 Nm of torque.


L'car Volkswagen XL1 weighs only 795 kg. Weight is not the only winning weapon to maximizeefficiency: the XL1 is equipped with low rolling resistance tires and in addition, it can count on extreme aerodynamics. There Hybrid plug-in Volkswagen is a two-seater. Conquer with its aesthetics, its interior and its super ergonomic cabin.

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