The ultra-compact electric vehicle from Nissan

The ultra-compact electric vehicle from Nissan

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In the city of Yokohama, in Japan, to lower the harmful emissions, it was decided to launch a so-called "Mobility Project Zero“, A project that wants to make the mobility 100% town electric. The project was fully embraced by the car manufacturer Nissan and not only with yours LEAF. Nissan has released some ultra-compact electric vehicles which seem to be perfect for moms.

There Nissan awarded seven ultra-compact electric vehicles to seven mothers of Yokohama. Moms will test the ultra-compact vehicle of Nissan and they will be able to use it to move easily in the streets of the prefecture, to carry shopping and to take children to school. The test is supported by the Ministry of Territory, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


The ultra-compact vehicle tested by Nissan, it is not yet mass produced. There Nissan plans to release the vehicle by 2015, in the next two years there should be various evolutions, first of all the density of charging columns and, secondly, the culture of zero-emission mobility.

The concept of Nissan it is really very small but the Japanese car manufacturer hopes that theimpact on the reduction of CO2 emissions of urban transport. The ultra-compact vehicle from Nissan it was first presented in 2010.


L'Ultra-compact Nissan it is very light and rather snappy. Its lithium-ion battery guarantees a range of 80 kilometers. Features doors “Wings” - also mounted on the best known Twizy - can be easily removed. The Nissan electric vehicle fully recharges within 4 hours, no need for one for these recharging times column but the domestic electrical socket is enough.

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