Ford C-Max plug-in hybrid

Ford C-Max plug-in hybrid

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There Ford C-Max Energi, plug-in hybrid, will arrive on the European market at the end of the year. No official data on the price launch but in the United States it is already on the market with a price -including C-Max Energi incentives- just under $ 30,000, about 23,000 euros. In Italy the price of the C-Max it should not be more than 26,000 euros (if purchased in 2013) including incentives.

Because? There C-Max Hybrid is the main competitor of the Toyota Prius which is on sale starting from 27,550 euros but which can count on 4,000 euros of government incentives. Considering that theFord hybrid car will debut at the end of the year and that the government incentives are to climb, probably most of the virtuous motorists Italians will purchase the C-MAX Hybrid only in 2014 when the government incentives will have dropped to 3,000 euros. After these reflections on price of the Ford C-Max Hybrid, let's move on to the characteristics of the car.


Ford C-Max Hybrid
The plug-in version of the Hybrid C-Max allows you to add a larger lithium battery pack with an energy waste of 7.6 kilowatt hours per C-Max plug-in hybrid against just 1.4 kilowatt hours for the plug-in-free C-Max (without additional battery pack). In practical terms, this translates into a 'electric autonomy 34 kilometers, after which the motorist is forced to travel with a thermal engine. 34 kilometers is enough for city centers while for long routes, l'energy efficiency of the electric motor can be combined with the power of the petrol engine ensuring energy savings that allows travel up to 40 kilometers with 1 liter of fuel.

The only electric motor can reach 135 km / h, the Ford he did not want to sacrifice power as he did Toyota with her Prius: the Prius (right in the photo above), in electric mode, allows a maximum speed of 50 km / h, a big point in favor of the Ford hybrid C-Max.


Worried bybattery life?
The C-Max Energi is still a hybrid and the 141 horsepower 2-liter petrol engine - once the power supply for the electric motor is exhausted - is capable of driving the Ford minivan for another 965 km.

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