Bluecar, the 12 thousand euro electric car

Bluecar, the 12 thousand euro electric car

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When it comes to electric mobility, small European car manufacturers are making a difference! We are not just talking about concepts and projects but about the market and concrete actions. We saw it in Germany with the Hummingbird, the electric car that costs around 10 thousand euros. Today we see him in France with a 'electric car equally accessible, is the Bluecar and can be purchased for 12 thousand euros, including GPS system!

There Bluecar became famous in France through the service of car-sharing of Autolib, in Paris. There Bluecar has made the leap in quality and from the parking lots of the Parisian car-sharing ends straight to the dealership ready to be sold to any aspiring virtuoso motorist.


With the Autolib car-sharing program, the electric car bluecar it has traveled an infinite number of kilometers and has been tested by over 65,000 users! The car sharing program served the French manufacturer, Bollerè, to put in place the necessary improvements to move to the marketing of the vehicle.

There Bluecar it will be sold for a price of 12,000 euros (including state incentives) and the owners will have to pay a monthly fee of 80 euros for the rental of the battery. It is not one battery any, theelectric car it is equipped with a lithium polymer battery associated with a super capacitor which improves its duration. There Bluecar it has a range of 250 kilometers! Great for one electric city car. Bolloré offers the purchase of the Bluebox, a charging terminal with an intensity of 16 amps to be installed at home for fast recharges, the Bluebox is offered for 995 euros.


L'Bluecar electric car reaches a top speed of 130 km / h. Its acceleration sees the transition from 0 to 60 km / h in 6.3 seconds, a long time when compared to a sports car but normal if compared to a city ​​car as the Smart EV. The electric car will be marketed in France but the manufacturer, Bolloré, does not rule out an extension of the market.

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