E-Up! Volkswagen's electric

E-Up! Volkswagen's electric

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There Volkswagen has already presented electric cars but thee-Up! it is the first electric car that will see the market. The German weekly AutoBild reports a price of 19,000 euros. L'e-Up of Volkswagen it has a range of 150 kilometers with batteries that reach 80 percent recharge in just 30-40 minutes. If the range of 150 kilometers is not enough for you, the e-Up should offer, in oprional, an additional range.

The aesthetic aspect of the Volkswagen e-Up! very reminiscent of his little brothers running on fossil fuels "Up!" and "eco-Up!", the differences are denoted by the absence of a drainpipe, in the silence and in the addition of some badges that characterize it. Let's see what are the specifics ofelectric car e-Up! stated in a recent press release from the German automaker:


  • electric motor with 60 kW / 82 hp peak power. Continuous power of 40 kW / 55PS
  • Maximum torque of 210 Nm
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 14 seconds
  • Top speed of 135 km / h
  • Lithium-ion battery capable of storing up to 18.7 kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Vehicle weight of 1,185 kilograms

The problem of the diffusion of electric vehicles is always the same: the absence (as in Italy) or the scarcity (as in Germany) of infrastructure suitable for reloading electric cars. Of course, the car manufacturer will experience a sales boom in well-equipped countries such as Norway, Holland or Estonia ... but in Italy? Probably only those who live in Parma will be able to think about buying the e-Up! in complete safety, or, alternatively, if it is a city ​​car, the car could be recharged at home and be destined for journeys that do not exceed 150 kilometers.


The small size of theE-Up! they are convenient for getting around city centers but hide a spacious and comfortable interior. The car can easily accommodate 1 motorist with 4 passengers. L'e-Up will be previewed at the Frankfurt International Motor Show and immediately after the Voklswagen will begin with accepting orders. The car should cost "starting from" 19 thousand euros but the price does not include the battery which requires a monthly fee of 60 euros.

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