World record for the coffee-powered car

World record for the coffee-powered car

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In the morning, if I don't have a coffee ... I won't leave! " For many of us it's just a saying, for the Ford F100 it is pure reality! There Ford F100 has been modified to be powered with coffee beans and was renamed with the name of Bean Machine. It is a pickup that can boast of having achieved the world record for reaching the speed of almost 106 km / h.

The intention is to cover the record distance of 3,200 kilometers, thus also winning the record for the greatest distance ever covered with this type of power supply. The Ford pickup he could also break the record by covering 2,575 kilometers.

There Bean Machine manages to travel thanks to a process known as Gasification. This process was introduced about 200 years ago and is currently used for the production of electric energy. In the United States, thanks to the partnership between the North Dakota Energy and Environment Research Center and the energy company Wynntryst, energy is being produced from waste from the production of coffee. The car Ford directly uses i coffee beans which are transformed into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and other gaseous compounds, compounds necessary for the combustion process that feeds the Ford F100 engine.

L'coffee powered car it is also environmentally friendly: the levels of harmful emissions the results were lower as is the case in the latest generation cars fitted with a ecological engine. The car was designed by Martin Bacon who already in the first tests of 2010, when he had modified a Volkswagen Scirocco of 1988 had registered emissions lower than common cars. The Volkswagen Scirocco was bought on eBay for around 465 euros and was immediately renamed Car-puccino, the Scirocco managed to travel about 400 kilometers using 70 kilograms of coffee for the London-Manchester route.

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