Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid

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There Toyota Camry it is the model several times absolute leader in car sales in the States. It's about a sedan average for the USA, therefore very large for the European market, the measures are comparable to those of a BMW 5 Series or a Mercedes E-Class but the costs are much lower: the Japanese manufacturer is aimed at more popular users. From 2006 to today the Toyota Camry has seen a number of advances coming to the 2013 model with interior breathtaking and other improvements.

The basic version of the Toyota Camry equips a 2.5 petrol engine with four cylinders. The result is a power of 116 kW / 158 hp, compared to 105 kW / 143 hp in the electric motor. The overall power used by the hybrid system is 149 kW / 202 hp against 132 kW / 180 of the conventional 2.5.

THE consumption they are not bad, lower than those of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the urban cycle is covered 18 km per liter, this means 5.5 liters of petrol to cover 100 kilometers of urban stretch. The extra-urban cycle sees attractive consumption, up to 6 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers.

The first model presented in 2006 seemed less interesting, especially for the electric motor of only 33 kW / 41 hp. The electric motor of the Toyota Camry 2013 it has an output of 105 kW / 143 hp. With the exclusive use of the electric motor, the Camry Hybrid can travel up to 1.6 miles at a speed of 40 km / h.

Others hybrid sedans available on the international market along with the Toyota Hybrid are the Hyndai Sonata Hybrid, the Kia Optima Hybrid and the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid. By 2014, Honda will also have its large hybrid on the market, not to mention the strategies implemented with Chevrolet.

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