Zoe, the Renault electric car

Zoe, the Renault electric car

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There Zoe and the electric car of the car manufacturer Renault proposed to a price very competitive. Starting from 21,650 euros. There Zoe is proposed with aautonomy of 210 km with a maximum speed of 135 km / h, it is proposed to the public as one compact sedan innovative and elegant.

The electric motor synchronous with winded rotor has a torque of 220 Nm and a power of 65 kW. The pricestarting from" refers to electric car equipped with various comforts such as the automatic climate control, electronic access card, intelligent navigation system that offers display of charging points and range of autonomy, the Renault R-Link, an integrated multimedia tablet and much more. A monthly fee for the battery rental which amounts to 79 euros per month for 36 months.

L'ZOE electric car it starts without a key and, depending on the level of equipment, reaches a maximum of 23,450 with the Intens and Zen versions which, among other things, include an aroma diffuser. All versions feature standard LED headlights and tinted glass.

There Renault Zoe electric car is among the electric cars cheapest currently on the market with an excellent quality / price ratio. To make the proposal Renault particularly tempting is especially the compact battery which ensures a range of 210 km. With the monthly fee for the battery, the driver will ensure Renault technical assistance and battery replacement in the event of a breakdown. Although many motorists do not look favorably on the idea of ​​paying a monthly fee for the battery rental, it must be said that the electric cars they are less prone to maintenance problems.

They do not have a filter to change, neither oil nor air. They will never give problems to the starter motor, the thermostat, the timing belt or the water pump simply because they are not equipped with them! The only maintenance cost related to electric cars is the one for the battery and paying a monthly fee seems like the right compromise.

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