Ethical trade Made in Europe

Ethical trade Made in Europe

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In defense of European products was born We buy MadeinEurope, the portal against counterfeiting outside the EU that (what does it do?) helps citizens choose products with correct information and traceability of goods. We buy MadeinEurope means indeed ethically correct trade, and guaranteed products that are free to circulate (in Europe) without the escort of a certificate of authenticity.

The all-Italian idea comes from Eleonora Piazzolla and Andrea Parise, directors of two different companies operating in the creative and photography sectors. Immediately the endorsements, starting with the patronage of the European Commission because, it has been said, CompriamoMadeinEurope helps to put the EU line of action into practice: strengthening the competitiveness of European companies by defending them from counterfeiting, but also giving a direction ethical to the business in Europe. The presentation to the public is scheduled for Thursday 6 June in Milan.

The portal is aimed primarily at companies producing goods and services in all sectors (from clothing to machine tools, from food to publishing, from furniture to agricultural products) operating in the EU. The member companies declare that their products protect citizens / consumers; in particular, they indicate the percentage of their production process (divided into 5 phases: packaging / manufacturing, production, transformation or processing, raw materials, packaging) carried out within the European Union.

Only the business protected from fraud and counterfeiting can be ethical. The portal, protecting the European origin of goods, does not intend to discredit the indication of the country of origin of a goods, but simply to help the consumer to choose, while asking him for an act of responsibility. Buying a product made in an EU country, being able to verify its origin, means defending the quality of work in Europe.

On the other hand i consumers, by accessing, they will be able to verify the traceability of products and then (if they want) map the companies that manufacture within the European territory. Consumers themselves will find the information necessary to consciously guide their purchasing choices towards products, goods and services characterized by the uniqueness of having been made mainly in Italy (for example), France, Spain or Germany; and consequently support the European economy, promote growth, contribute to the preservation of jobs.

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