The solar socket window Window Socket

The solar socket window Window Socket

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What if we plug it directly into the sun? Well, when will you apply Window Socket with the suction cup on the window glass, the imaginative effect will be just that: pure energy directly from the source, zero or almost zero pollution. The technology behind this solar socket from the window to produce electricity is the same as solar panels, but the suggestive effect adds value.

What can you recharge with the solar socket Window Socket? Not much to tell the truth, a smartphone, a tablet or even a light bulb to illuminate a dark corner of the house: 8 hours of sun theoretically allow 10 hours of energy thanks to the small integrated battery, but the charging time is long for any device. . And then 8 hours of sunshine are not few (and to always have the socket oriented to the sun you will have to change the window) and the batteries only work well when they are new, but we are only at the beginning.

The idea of Window Socket, which certainly on closer inspection is more design than technological (there is nothing technologically new), is by two Korean designers Kyohu Song isBoa Oh (designer) who at the moment are still developing it in an attempt to overcome the latest technical obstacles.

The main limitations of the solar socket from the window they are linked to the poor surface of the panels (it would take a super-performing material) and to the fact that, despite the battery support, the charging lends itself to devices with a 5 Volt USB connection and not to machines that work with the 200 Volt at home. The object is a paperback but, we said, we are only at the beginning.

The idea is on the table, indeed on the window, the interest aroused is already very high and at this point we only expect the technicians, after the scientists, to do their job. The intuition of exploiting windows (and generally all glass surfaces) to capture the energy of the sun is not new and we have been talking about solar windows since experimenting with solar concentrators; in the case of Window Socket, we repeat, the real stroke of genius is the synergy between technology and design, which could also be the key to success.

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