Do-it-yourself remedies: natural after sun

Do-it-yourself remedies: natural after sun

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Theafter sunis a very popular remedy to re-hydrate and regenerate the skin after long exposure to the sun. There are many on the marketafter sun creamsbut these are often rich in fragrances and other artificial chemistry that can irritate the most sensitive skin. In this context, why not try to make anatural after-sunwith simple and easily available ingredients?

The most classic example ofnatural after-sunit is given by the mix of aloe vera and vegetable oil. Mistakenly, aloe vera extract is considered a moisturizer, in reality aloe does not provide hydration to the skin but protects the skin cells from further dehydration, so the oil also acts as a shield. The proportions to prepare this type ofnatural after-sunI am clearly in favor of aloe vera: for every 160 ml of aloe vera, 70 ml of vegetable oil are added.

The smell of Aloe is pleasant but if you prefer, you can add a few drops (3-5) of your favorite essence, an excellent combination is given by avocado and aloe extract, but you can also add a few drops of other essential oils to the lavender, lemon or mint. Thisnatural after-sunit should be used like the classicscreamsthat are on the market: after the bath, gently massage your skin with your hands full of your natural remedy, the relief will be immediate!

When exposure to the sun gave rise to a sunburn, in addition tonatural after-sunJust described, you may need a more effective remedy to relieve the symptoms of milder sunburns. Obviously, if the sunburn is very extensive and gives rise to other symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor or at least a pharmacist. For milder sunburns you can take advantage ofnatural remediessimple and affordable for everyone.

Try applying a few slices of potato to the wet surface, perfect when the burn is limited to a certain area of ​​the body. If the sunburn is spread over the whole body (maybe you fell asleep in the sun!), Dissolve a glass of rice starch in the bath to obtain an immediate sensation of freshness.

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