Electric motorcycles, what are the prices?

The market forelectric motorcycleit is timidly entering the transport sector. In this context, the main obstacle does not seem to be ipricesof vehicles, but the numerous prejudices and above all the driving habits of the world of centaurs. Aelectric motorcycleit does not have an exhaust pipe, it does not have a rampant engine and the noise it emits is completely artificial: the centaur who is oriented towardselectric motorcyclemust be willing to give up thesoundoriginal vehicle and not everyone is ready to do so.

Italy did not allow itself to be discouraged by the skepticism of the sector and so between Modena and Volterra an electric sports bike was presented, the new Energia Ego, CRP's super bike that can be purchased from next 2015. Not only Italian manufacturers, the world of the two wheels sees proposals forelectric motorcycleseven from home that you would not suspect: Ducati and Harley-Davidson are at work, BMW has now decided to start the production of a maxi scooter with electric propulsion, Scorpa is ready with itselectric motorcycleSR5.7 as well as KTM has long since started the Freeride E electric traction project.Electric motorcycledoes not mean low performance, as evidenced by vehicles such as the TT Zero, the Mission RS, the Ego and the Empulse.


But how are we with theprices? Zero Motorcycles, this 2013, launched several models ofelectric motorcycles, among these the Zero S, a dynamic vehicle with a very nice design: autonomy from 220 km, maximum speed of 160 km / h and… a price of around 11 thousand euros. Between electric motorcycles more aggressive is the Sora, which has crazy acceleration: the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h is covered in less than 5 seconds!


Sora was presented a few months ago in Japan and the only sore point is the price, around 31,000 euros. The slender RedSHift MX deucted last 2012 and the price was around 11,000 euros. The Saietta Agility saw an introductory price of around 13,000 euros. The prices for the Mission One are even higher. Theelectric motorcyclesthe most affordable prices are the GPR-S at around 7,000 euros and the Zero DS, around 8,000 euros.

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