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Vertical cultivation, the vegetable garden within everyone's reach

Vertical cultivation, the vegetable garden within everyone's reach

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If on a large scale vertical agriculture can change the fate of the planet, in a small way, the vertical cultivationin the family environment it can allow you to save some pennies on domestic food shopping. Who has little space to set up the classic horizontal vegetable garden, can aim forvertical cultivationof vegetables and greens.

To make avertical cultivationin the house or in the garden it is possiblerecycle pallets, simple platforms easy to modify to your taste and needs. As an alternative to pallets, recycled plastic bottles, flasks or jars can be used.

Having a small piece of land available, the classiccultivationhorizontally it is certainly easier to manage but for those who have to overcome space problems, thevertical cultivationcould be the right solution: having to cultivate in small spaces is very difficult, there are those who give up or those who experience the practice ofvertical cultivation, there are those who do it to try and those for mere necessity.


On the balcony of the house or adjacent to the external walls of your home, it is possible to organize onevertical cultivationusing very light pots. Avertical vegetable gardenwell ordered could be made up of several pots stacked in one spacevertical, attached to the wall or more comfortably on a board. What you need to set up onevertical cultivationof this type?

  • A 30 by 200 cm wooden plank
  • Six pots of 30 cm in diameter
  • Wire
  • Scissors, pincer and drill

For the realization it will be necessary to place the vases on the wooden board, placed at a distance of at least 20 cm from each other. The distance between a pot and the one above is in relation to the growth need of the plant to be cultivated. For the preparation, using the drill, make two holes on the axis at the edge of the pots. Then tie each vase to the board by cutting some wire that will have to pass through the wood.

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