How to perfume the house with the do-it-yourself spray

How to perfume the house with the do-it-yourself spray

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If you have arrived in this article you are probably looking for ideas for perfume the houseor maybe a guide onhowproduce a natural deodorantfor environments. Luckily you are in the right place!

You may think thatprepare an air freshener sprayit is a difficult undertaking, but I assure you that it is not. Of course before you try toperfume the houseit will be necessary to respect all the hygiene rules of the case, as a preliminary operation, therefore, we advise you to clean the home,maybe with natural detergents!

What do you need?
A heat resistant sieve
A pots
A deep plate
Natural flavors

By natural aromas we mean the fragrances you want to diffuse intohome. You can use strawberries and ginger or lemon and ginger or blood orange and cinnamon. Choose the combination you like best!

Place a pot on the stove with half a liter of water. Place the sieve in the pot, this must not touch the water but must absorb the steam. In the sieve put the smellschosen. Cover the sieve with a bowl filled with ice.

Bring the water to a boil: the steam will penetrate through the holes in the sieve, absorbing odors. Since the sieve is covered with a cold bowl (containing ice), the steam will collapse into the water and return to the boiling pot.

Let everything cool and fill the spray bottle with the water from the saucepan in direct contact with the flame.

Remember that forperfume the houseyou can use a large number of indoor plants capable of purifying the air by acting as a filter.

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