Buckwheat polenta

Buckwheat polenta

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Buckwheat polenta: the recipe to prepare theblack polentaortaragna polenta, cooking times, origins and history of the recipe.

We are used to identifying the namepolentawith the classic yellow corn polenta. In fact, thepolentait is a much older food. In Italy, corn polenta arrived after the discovery of America, but thepolentait was already consumed by the ancient Greeks and Romans, prepared with coarsely chopped flour mixtures. Even if in the collective imagination theoriginal polentais given by corn, in reality other types of polenta are just as ancient (if not older):chestnut polenta, taragna polenta, potato polenta, spelled ...

Buckwheat polenta or black polenta

The basic ingredient ofblack polentait is buckwheat. Polenta taragna is cooked in different variations in the regions of Lombardy and Trentino.

Therepolenta taragnait has a greyish color and, in its variants, it is often mixed, in different proportions, also with corn flour, with milk, cheese, butter and various aromas such as garlic and onion.

Buckwheat is very digestible and nutritious, it originates from Central Asia and has nothing to do with wheat. This plant is a distant cousin of rhubarb and shares only the name with the common wheat. For this reason, theblack polenta is gluten-free and ally of celiac disease.

Not onlypolenta, with buckwheat flour you can prepare pizzoccheri, dumplings, cakes, jams and delicious soba (for further information, availablesoba, what is it).

Buckwheat, property

Buckwheat is very interesting for itsproperty. Soba owes its success tonutritional propertiesof this ingredient: rich in protein! Buckwheat contains 12.4% protein. It provides 4.8 mg of iron, 4.4 mg of niacin (or vitamin PP) and 110 mg of calcium.

Black polenta, recipe

To cook buckwheat polenta, you need a coarse-grained ground flour (medium-large grain), so it will not be enough to buy the classic flour used to make pizza for celiacs as it is ground too finely for polenta.

The preparation of thebuckwheat polenta recipeit does not differ from that seen for the classic corn polenta.

To do thepolenta taragnain general, 2/3 of buckwheat flour and 1/3 of corn flour (yellow polenta flour) are mixed. Do not miss the opportunity to prepareblack polentawith solobuckwheat.

Theretaragnatraditional from Sondrio, in fact, it is made with only buckwheat flour and enriched with alpine cheese and a good dose of butter.

The amount of water to add varies greatly depending on the consistency you want to obtain. More water means making soft polenta. Less water means making hard polenta! Typically, the relationship to get onepolentawith a medium consistency, that is, neither too liquid nor too hard, requires the use of 4 parts of water for each part of flour. So, in the case of 250 grams of flour, you can use a liter of water. This is a very indicative quantity because each type of flour can absorb more or less water.

The cooking time of buckwheat polenta does not differ from that of the classic corn polenta: it will take just over an hour. Don't be afraid to lengthen cooking times: the polenta must be well cooked.

How to make buckwheat polenta

For completeness, I leave you with the complete recipe of theblack polentawith only buckwheat. Based on the information provided above, feel free to add cornmeal in the proportions you desire. Here are the ingredients:

  • 400 g of buckwheat flour
  • 1.5 liters of water
  • butter to taste
  • coarse salt

Bring the salted water to a boil. Pour in the 400 grams of buckwheat flour. Stir for about an hour. Add some butter. Black polenta can be seasoned with cheese, vegetables or meats.

If you want an even darker colored polenta, you can add rye flour.

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