Earth-threatening asteroids

Earth dangerous asteroids, there are several, some more than others. This is not harmful alarmism or one of the many fake news, there are objects in space that could swoop down on our planet even causing catastrophic damage. NASa is studying them, in 2009 the space telescope was launched on purpose in space Neowise (Near Earth Object Wider-field Infrared Survey Explorer) which so far has classified thousands and thousands of objects not too far from us.

Earth dangerous asteroids

Earth-threatening asteroids are those large enough and close enough that it's unlikely but not impossible see us fall on us in the next few centuries. NASA discovered in space near the Earth 97 objects new in recent times, 10 classified them as PHO (Potentially Hazardous Objects)

If it is considered "unlikely" that they will fall to Earth in the next 100 years, on the one hand, on the other, one realizes that it is also "inevitable "that in the centuries to come something similar could happen with dangerous asteroids.

The most recent discovered by the NASA among other things, they are more threatening than those already known and this only aggravates the situation: they have a diameter of 200-300 meters, dimensions that make them capable of doing damage in an area of ​​the Earth with radius of thousands of kilometers if they impact you.

By studying dangerous asteroids, Neowise it also keeps an eye on comets that lately would seem more lively than ever. In their tails they may hide more or less dangerous asteroids, even with a diameter of hundreds of meters. NASA and European Space Agency are active together on a project that aims to divert the path of an asteroid or a comet by sending a probe, which is reminiscent of the film Deep Impact.

Dangerous asteroids 2017

In mid-December 2017 it was predicted that a giant asteroid would fly close to Terra, the 3200 Phaethon, with a diameter of about 5 Km. Passing about 10 million Km from us, according to Minor Planet Center of’International Astronomical Union, was to be considered a "potentially dangerous" asteroid, it has been known since 1983 and its name is inspired by the god Phaeton, son of Apollo, the god of the Sun, who according to the Greek mythology it had destroyed the Earth.

Dangerous asteroids 2016

At the beginning of 2016 they had been counted over 13,000 objects with orbit potentially close to our planet and therefore threatening according to a census also drawn up by Minor Planet Center. With the pace of at least 1500 new objects in possible approach sighted, it seemed appropriate to start a project like the PDCO (Planetary Defense Coordination Office) aimed at supervising all projects that NASA itself promotes in order to detect and track i Neo (Near-Earth Object), the asteroids potentially dangerous to Earth.

There are many telescopes who spend some of their time a look for asteroids and then there is Neowise which was created specifically to observe the sky and find them, 24 hours a day.

Dangerous asteroids 2015

Continuing back in time, going to 2015 and even previous years, we find more and more news that speak of sighting of asteroids dangerous to Earth with a lot of size and distance they should reach from our planet.

If large objects are easier to see but harder to think about to block or divert, the small ones with a system based on direct observation, are sometimes elusive if they have a few meters in diameter. Fortunately, asteroids like that often they crumble crossing the atmosphere or falling into the oceans.
Dangerous asteroids: list

It is not possible to draw one list of asteroids that threaten us because year after year new ones “pop up”, or rather we manage to identify new ones from month to month to add to the long list.

The real odds that one of these dangerous asteroids will land on our planet in the next 100 years are less than 0.01% but the concern remains and the awareness that we have not yet discovered all those who can pose a threat to us does not help. This is why there are those who believe the planetary defense an urgent problem that concerns all of humanity.

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