Supreme magnesium: what is it for

Supreme magnesium: what is it for

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When we talk about supreme magnesium® we refer to the magnesium food supplement produced by Natural Point srl. Why a magnesium supplement? Is it such a necessary element? Yes, it is an essential macro-mineral for our body because it activates beyond 300 biochemical reactions and is involved, just to name a few, in the synthesis of proteins, in energy metabolism, in cell division. It also affects the functioning of the nervous and muscular systems as well promotes the assimilation of vitamins B, C, D and E.

We all have absolutely great need for magnesium but the daily requirement changes according to age and sex. If we take a man of adulthood, he will have to hire between 400 and 420 mg of magnesium a day, a woman from 310 to 320 mg but if she is young, it is better to reach 360 mg, if pregnant even 400 mg.

Magnesium is present in many foods and it may therefore seem easy not to be without it, but unfortunately only 30-40% of that introduced through food it is effectively assimilated by our body. All due to the processes of food preparation, such as cooking, storage and refining, which end up demineralizing it and we are left with very little of the magnesium that we potentially should have taken at the table.

This is the reason for the presence of supplements such as the supreme magnesium that allows us to resort to an additional intake of this precious mineral, often necessary especially after 50 years of age.

Supreme Magnesium: Ingredients

The supreme magnesium® contains a mixture of magnesium carbonate and citric acid, flavored with lemon or cherry. The powder, when dissolved in water, becomes magnesium citrate and releases carbon dioxide, for this reason the solution is effervescent but only slightly.

The formulation proposed by supreme magnesium it is particularly valuable because, compared to those of other magnesium salts, it is easily assimilated by our body. We also add that it doesn't taste bad, which makes everything very inviting.

Supreme magnesium: what is it for

When taken regularly, this supplement regulates blood pressure and blood sugar, counteracts depression and relieves constipation, decreases the level of triglycerides in the blood and, during menopause, reduces the effects of hormonal changes.

Supreme magnesium is also an aid against acne, thanks to its antibacterial action, and alleviates not only anxiety states but also irritability and severe headaches. This supplement can also be used to prevent osteoporosis and muscle cramps or to "keep us up" in case of physical and mental weakness.

Supreme magnesium: when to take it

The supreme magnesium is a powder, we can find it for sale in a jar of 150 or 300 grams or in packs containing sachets, usually 32 sachets. In both cases, just take the powder and dissolve it in a glass of hot water, waiting for the solution to become transparent. When? It is recommended to take magnesium on an empty stomach, to facilitate absorption, so the morning before breakfast is perfect but for those who always rush in the morning, you can also take the sachet in the evening, before dinner.

As for the dosage, it is difficult to give general indications because, as we have seen, the daily magnesium requirement of each of us is different. We usually find one written recommended dose, equal to a quantity of powder equal to a coffee spoon, once or twice a day. We are afraid that a teaspoon is equivalent to the dosage of a sachet, it is about 2.4 grams of powder but be careful, it's not all magnesium!

Net of the amount of magnesium carbonate that we ingest is equal to 215 mg. On the advice of the doctor, different doses can also be taken, what is generally recommended is not to exceed 430 mg per day, never more than two sachets, therefore, or never more than 2 teaspoons of powder. We can also find the supreme magnesium on Amazon, 300 grams for 23 euros.

Supreme Magnesium Side Effects

In general, what happens when we ingest more magnesium than necessary is that our body automatically expels it through the feces, urine and sweat. This happens in all healthy subjects who are taking a quantity of magnesium, or supreme magnesium, greater than your daily need. However, cases in which side effects due to overdose occur cannot be absolutely excluded. It may also happen that hypersensitivity to the product emerges in some subjects.

Let's see what can happen. Among side effects there are nausea, abdominal pain, digestive disorders and diarrhea, dermatological affections and allergic reactions of various kinds.

In theory, the supreme magnesium can be taken during pregnancy, but the advice before proceeding is to contact your doctor, also to understand which may be the most correct dosage in this particular situation.

There are other cases where the supreme magnesium must be returned under medical supervision, for example if you suffer from particular or serious kidney diseases or heart diseases.

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