Tecar therapy: how it works and what it is for

Tecar therapy: how it works and what it is for

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Tecar therapy, a practice that can change the fate of those who are doing it physiotherapy or rehabilitation. It is based on an ad hoc technology, studied and rather innovative, which allows resume normal functionality and to recover the use of limbs and joints in satisfactory times. The first results can often be found already after the first application of Tecartherapy, and gradually i improvements continue.

Tecar therapy: how it works

The system on which this therapy is based is called Tecar®, a term that may seem cryptic and a bit like a Martian but which refers to capacitive and resistive energy transfer process. To carry out tecartherapy it is necessary to use a special machinery, capable of generating a high frequency magnetic field. Once connected to a magnetic plate, the physiotherapist can use this field to treat the painful area or to heal.

Tecar therapy: what it is for

It is not a magic wand, a session with the Tecar, but often this tool is combined with what the physiotherapist is already doing, with excellent results. Today they can see progress that the specialist, alone, would not be able to obtain, while integrating tecar therapy into his own activity, yes'.

This treatment is mainly indicated for joint pathologies, osteoarticular and muscular, acute and chronic, in particular for injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments, for muscle strains and tears, or in case of sprains. Tendinitis and edema can also be treated with tecar therapy, the same goes for bunions and various trauma, back pain and lumbosciatica, if not even meniscus tears.

Tecar therapy: device

Get yourself a device to do the tecar therapy in your own home it can be a good idea if you are sure you will need it for a long time, because it is actually not cheap. A good model hovers around 800 euros, this for home use costs 792.

If you decide to have a device for techerapy, it is better to stock up on cream, a 1000 mL package can cost around 34 euros, it is affordable also on Amazon.

Knee Tecartherapy

One of the most frequent fields of application of tecar therapy is that which concerns the joint treatment among which the knee is one of those that presents the greatest problems to be solved. For the elderly, for sportsmen, for those with injuries and trauma.

The most frequent pathologies affecting the knee are arthrosis, the injuries to the cruciate ligament, meniscopathies, injuries to the medial or lateral collateral, patellar femoral tendonitis, the syndrome of goose leg. This type of treatment is highly effective, immediately, and gives relief and hope to those who can't wait to go back to using their knee at 100%.

The thermal effect that the device has on the treated area is able to penetrate deeply into the joint, targets tendons and ligaments and stimulates the tissue thanks to an additional supply of blood. Healing can only take place in the shortest possible time if the tecar therapy it is associated with good physiotherapy and total or maximum recovery is just around the corner.

Capacitive and resistive tecar therapy

We talk about capacitive and resistive because we are faced with one to a treatment whose biostimulating power uses the condenser principle. This is why these two very "physical" terms that make us understand the scientific basis of tecar therapy.

The damaged or inflamed tissue is stimulated, the Tecar device oxygenates and brings blood, accelerating healing. It is no coincidence that this practice has been among the most prescribed by doctors for over 15 years. In addition to the knee, it also works well on shoulder, hip, hands and feet.

Tecar therapy: shoulder bursitis

We said shoulder, and indeed here comes the tecar therapy treats bursitis well that can appear in this area. It is an inflammatory process that affects a joint and involves the appearance of small pockets, "bags", containing viscous liquid and coated with a membrane.

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