Clean energy between the furniture of the house

Clean energy between the furniture of the house

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With technological progress i solar panels they are increasingly accessible, both economically and structurally. THE solar panels they can be integrated into our daily life; instead of being bound on the roof, they can participate in our daily activities in different forms.

A glass that acts like a small one power plant to clean energy? It is possible and like glasses, any object in our daily life could produce clean electricity. This is the thought that inspired the Swiss artist Marjan van Aubel. The artist asked himself a very important question: what would happen if every tool of our daily life produced solar energy?

To answer his question, the artist created a set of glasses which keep our bodies hydrated and also help us recharge our portable devices. Each glass of Van Aubel is part of the "The Energy Collection". The glasses behave like a small electrical center by collecting light and generating energy.

What turns any glass into a photovoltaic glass?
A dye is added to the classic glass photovoltaic special, developed by Michael Graetzel. The layer photovoltaic it consists of porous titanium dioxide soaked in photosensitive dye, a natural pigment extracted from cranberry and spinach juice. The dye that gives blueberries their red or blue color can emit electrons when hit by a beam of light. This is the discovery that made possible the realization of photovoltaic glasses.

When the glass is exposed to light, the dye transmits its electrons to the titanium dioxide and releases an electronic current. To store energy, the glasses must be housed in a special structure that will furnish your home with elegance and style and will bring a breath of clean energy ready to charge portable devices and illuminate environments.

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