Eco Amp, throw the battery away and embrace ecology

Eco Amp, throw the battery away and embrace ecology

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An ecological amplifier for iPhone at $ 7.99? Yes, it is the idea of echo amp that exploiting the laws of physics proposes a battery-free amplifier. The speaker for iPhone it is made entirely with FSC certified paper and fibers.


The producers are keen to specify that theEco Amp is designed and built in Los Angeles to the highest standards of environmental and humanitarian sustainability. FSC recycled paper and Green Seal certified alternative fibers are made with 100% clean energy. Therefore Eco Amp is a product Carbon Neutral! Printing and packaging are also sustainable, any logos and other prints were done with soy-based ink.

But it's a cardboard speaker, will it break immediately ?! No! Precisely because it is made of cardboard, this can be folded and stored in the bag, if necessary it could also be used as a bookmark because the part that anchors theiPhone will remain unchanged.

How can a speaker work without batteries? The particular conical shape naturally amplifies the sounds. The mechanism is the same that some animals use for their calls. Have you ever been surprised by the sound of a cicada or a cricket? Well, even their mouthparts, to amplify the sound, exploits such a mechanism: they take refuge in trees or build dens in the same shape as the dear amplifier. Eco Amp!


The power of amplification is not clear, but with insects it works great, why not try ours too iPhone? From the video present in the portal of Eco Made, the Startup producer of Eco Amp, you can appreciate an impressive audio quality, moreover we can be sure not to contribute to the production of electronic waste. I recommend that you take a look at the photo gallery dedicated toEco Amp, could be a great inspiration for many designers and lovers of do-it-yourself.

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