Solar powered helmet

Solar powered helmet

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The helmet can save your life and not just in case of an accident! Yes, a helmet can save your life especially if you are late for an appointment and your cell phone is dead. A conventional helmet in this case would not help you, but the solar helmet yes, because while you are on the motorbike it recharges your portable devices.

After the numerous ideas that led to further widening the frontiers ofphotovoltaic energy, comes the helmet that produces electricity by powering small and large portable devices at no cost.


The portable helmet comes from the German Fraunhofer institute and consists of making the helmet a source of clean energy, specially designed to power the small devices that are commonly used: smrtphones, music players, tablets, notebooks ...

The only difficulty was to apply the cells to the helmet given its curved shape. To make these new panels, the developers used a type of monocrystalline silicon. The characteristics of the panels in monocrystalline silicon? They present a low risk of breakage and at the same time high resistance. This type of material is perfect to fit the helmet because it can be folded to a curvilinear extent.

The invention does not only concern cyclists and motorcyclists, but it can be used on the helmets of workers who could thus constantly power their walkie-talkies. The project of the German Fraunhofer institute can be extended by workers, skiers or anyone who wears a helmet and is exposed to sunlight.

The solar helmet it should go on sale by the end of 2012 at a cost of 300 euros. The production of solar cells that can be installed on any helmet is also planned, in which case the cost will be around 100 euros.

The first experiments of solar helmet, will take place on a sample of German motorcyclists. With testing, the radios that the pilots will use to communicate will be powered entirely by helmets they will wear when driving. It is clear, with the spread of the green economy, the market for green solar gadgets is expanding.


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