Take care of plants with Twitter

Take care of plants with Twitter

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If my plant is in trouble, send me a tweet". It is not the disconnected phrase of a schizophrenic, rather the reality with the Botanicalls Kit which opens the doors to a new service where plants and man can interact with each other.

Botanicalls it is a way of communication between plants and people. Our green and leafy friends could be neglected, the man busy with his commitments might forget to water them or to take the necessary care. The Botanicalls Kit ensures that this does not happen, in fact the plants will be able to ask humans for help and do it directly with a text message.

What is the Botanicalls Kit?
It is a tool to assemble, consisting of about 30 pieces. This device costs $ 99 and requires a power outlet and network connection with an ethernet cable to work. It is through the ethernet network that your plant will be able to interact on the web and send tweets when needed.

The kit must be anchored in at least three cm of ground. The Kit will inform you about the soil moisture level so as to understand if the plant has received enough water during the last irrigation. The Botanicalls Kit was developed by Rob Faludi, Kate Hartman and Kati London.

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