Free water in Italy

Free water in Italy

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I'm on vacation in an unknown city, maybe I rent a bike to ride downtown and… a strong thirst assails me! I can enter a bar or I can consult the App to find out which one drinking fountain is closer to me! To allow it is Free water, the iPhone application that allows you to locate the nearest public drinking fountain and guide the user to the water source.

The user can choose between a pedestrian or car route and choose the shortest route. When you start the app, the simple and intuitive interface will show a map where all the fountains closest to the GPS position coordinates are located. More than 10,000 fountains have been loaded throughout Italy with the difference, compared to other applications, that they have also covered small towns both in the center and in the suburbs.

L'water it is a public good, so why spend money in a bar and increase the environmental pollution of plastic when we can quench our thirst from a drinking fountain. Above all, why should a tourist pay three euros for a bottle of water just because they were bought in the center of big cities? You enter a bar, buy a bottle of water and then, after a few steps, you discover that the fountain was just around the corner!

For now, the application is only compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad but the developer, Daniele Antonietti, is considering extending it to other mobile operating systems as well. The price of the App is 79 cents, a cost recovered immediately with the first free drink!

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