Nokia, the crisis and the design Oscar

Nokia, the crisis and the design Oscar

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Nokia Lumia smartphone

There Nokia in crisis - 445 layoffs in Italy - wins theOscar of Design for models Lumia 800 smartphone is Lumia 900. Exclusive form factor, captivating and at the same time precise, modern design, efficient and studied in detail are the reasons and criteria on the basis of which the international jury awarded the Finnish house. Smart and green have always been the character of Nokia.

In short, the class is not water and also the darkest moment in its history the company of beautiful and sturdy phones beats the shot. Technology is known to be a world where you go up and down quickly - examples abound - and this is the time for those who have been high up for a long time.

In Italy the Nokia crisis it concerns 445 employees out of 1,101, with the total closure of the Catania and Palermo offices, while the staff of the others is reduced with a total of 367 cuts in Milan, 40 in Rome and 6 in Naples. Global crisis and wrong strategic choices underlying the situation, so much so. Nokia does not only make mobile phones, it is also active in radio links, optical fibers and excavations for telecommunications. In mobile phones he wins again.

L'International Design Excellence Awards is one of the main international industrial design competitions, which rewards excellence in product design, also taking into account other elements, such as the communication strategy that accompanied the product launch and the quality of the packaging. This year 36 prizes were awarded in 21 different categories and the competing products ranged from home accessories to sports equipment, from technological products to health care products.

The devices Nokia Lumia, in addition to presenting an irresistible design, they convinced the jury for the optimized browsing experience, thanks to the integration of Internet Explorer 9 and immediate access to favorite online communities and the thousands of applications available.

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