Walk underwater with Google Maps

Walk underwater with Google Maps

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You don't need a wetsuit or weights. To walk on the ocean floor, what you need is an internet connection. Oceans cover 71% of our planet's surface. Each of the seven oceans has a name, maritime route, systematic of the local fauna and flora, it seems that there are no mysteries.

Yet, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, 95% of ocean floor remains unexplored. We can fly over the ocean with a plane, or sail the waves with a yacht, however, the most interesting part remains invisible to the human eye: the seabed! Google Maps he decided to change everything.

If you have used it at least once Google Maps, you know how the command "Streetview". Imagine one streetview underwater: Google, in partnership with Catlin SeaView Survey, carried out a series of scientific expeditions and, thanks to a camera system, made 360-degree panoramas of the underwater environment.

More than 50,000 images were captured which were then processed to create a continuous panorama, typical of the Streetview of Google Maps. The underwater expedition affected the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia and soon other frontiers will be explored.

A virtual immersion that "sinks"The user directly on the seabed of the Great Barrier Reef. Just as you can explore the mainland with Google's Street View, you can now dive and explore hundreds of miles of the Great Barrier he was born in Coral Sea.

The architects of the project affirm that this initiative is invaluable in raising public awareness of the underwater world. THE climate changes represent a looming threat to the health of the ocean. Monitor the coral reefs del Globo is of vital importance, the latest found by Google Maps it could be a good start to mitigate the damage.

Video: Google Maps Underwater Streetview Takes You on Virtual Dive (July 2022).


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