How to choose the conditioner

How to choose the conditioner

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It seems that at the end of the week it could be 40 degrees. According to meteorologists, the summer will not give us discounts on the hot front. In this context, many families decide to buy a conditioner, but which to choose?

The purchase of a conditioner involves a rather high expense. The models on the market are numerous and choose the conditioner becomes a difficult undertaking, both for the prices and for the assortment. To better orient yourself on the model of conditioner to buy, the WWF has launched a new website. It's called TopTen and it is the portal created to give advice on the purchase of conditioner, the portal does not give information on the best prices purchase, but we'll take care of that with our photo gallery, with technical data and the best prices of portable air conditioners on the market. Market survey carried out in June 2012.


Choose an air conditioner it is not easy, even if the user is led to choose the basis of costs, another characteristic must be taken into account, the energy rating, in fact i air conditioners strongly affect the electricity bills and unless you want to pay a double installment;

it is good to check both the energy class and theCooling Efficiency Index, named with the initials COP or EER. The level of cooling efficiency is a reliable parameter for choose the conditioner, especially now that we are in transit between one energy rating and the other, the one that awaits us in 2013.

It is in this that the TopTen portal helps us, in fact, the user will be able to view the impact that that air conditioner on the electricity bill. Over a period of ten years, the burden on one's bill air conditioner it can range from 560 euros for a portable air conditioner up to 1,580 euros of a fixed air conditioner. This is why it is better to do the bills at home, so as to go to the store already prepared.


The TopTen portal was set up by the WWF to facilitate customers andenvironment. Maximizing energy efficiency is the best choice for save money and harmful emissions. Why theenergy efficiency is that important? A study has shown that if all refrigerators in China were replaced with more efficient models, it would save the global atmosphere at least 40 million tons of CO2 per year.

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