Detergents on tap, an eco-sustainable alternative

Detergents on tap, an eco-sustainable alternative

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Do you know what i detergents on tap? Cleaning the house involves the use of various types of detergents: there is the specific one for glass, ceramics, floors ... in short, the choice is varied.

Unfortunately, the detergents we buy in supermarkets contain substances that are harmful to the environment, not to mention the accompanying waste of packaging. To remedy this, we can do it yourself: producing a detergent for cleaning the house, with natural ingredients such as vinegar, lemon, salt and non-sodium bicarbonate is not at all difficult! If you want to deepen this topic you can read our article dedicated to DIY detergents
Alternatively, however, we can resort to detergents on tap which are the same as excellent eco-allies in home hygiene.

Detergents on tap: advantages

THE detergents on tap they are a conscious and eco-sustainable choice, a concrete gesture to help the environment while also obtaining significant savings. Here are some advantages:
Why buy detergents on tap? Buying detergents on tap has several advantages:

1) Packaging: i detergents on tap they are sold without packaging: just bring a bottle from your home and reuse it when the product runs out. In this way, we will reduce the consumption of plastic, with the advantage of recovering more space at home

2) Toxic substances: generally i detergents on tap they do not contain harmful substances: just look at the ingredients at the time of purchase. In this way we will avoid using and pouring harmful substances into nature.

3) Quality: since i detergents on tap they do not contain surfactants (the cause of the large amount of foam in traditional detergents), we will save resources: in the washing machine, shorter cycles and at low temperatures will suffice; to cleanse the body less water will be needed for rinsing and to clean the house it will take less time to remove soap residues from surfaces.

4) Traffic: i detergents on tap they are transported in large tanks. This will reduce the space needed for the transport of classic bottles with a consequent decrease in traffic and atmospheric pollution.
Savings: buying detergents on tap means saving money: fewer bottles, fewer caps, less transport; a saving that translates into about 20% less than that of traditional detergents.

Detergents on tap: where to buy them

The most widespread chain specializing in draft products is Natura Sì, with over 200 points of sale distributed throughout Italy.

Another successful chain is the Turin-based company Light Shop (, with shops in Piedmont, Lombardy, Rome and Palermo.

The home page of

Draft detergents can also be found in some supermarkets such as those of the Coop brand.

Detergents on tap: opinions and diffusion

The opinions of those who use them are always positive but "the product does not take off". In fact, 11 years after their introduction on the market, which took place in 2008, i detergents on tap they are used only by a very small part of consumers who until now have therefore not shown themselves to be sensitive to their use and have preferred the "convenience of pre-packaged detergents" to the detriment of the environment and possible savings.

If nothing else, over the years the sensitivity of some producers to environmental issues has improved, which has led to the spread of plant-based eco-detergents and products with low environmental impact packaging.

However, our hope remains that a renewed environmental awareness, both on the part of producers and consumers, will soon lead to a wider diffusion of detergents on tap throughout our country.

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