How to make friends with a rabbit

These animals are so tender and nice, but it is not so trivial to build a peaceful relationship of trust with them. Not everyone knows how to make friends with a rabbit, with your rabbit, but if we share the space with him, feed him and clean him, it is good that we can cuddle him and enjoy his esteem. We often talk about the relationship between cat and owner, or between dog and owner, while the relationship between people and rabbits is more neglected even if it is by no means less important. It is not immediate to understand for those who have never had a rabbit in the house, how to make friends with this new roommate who is sometimes scared, others too lively. There is a risk of making gestures that are misinterpreted by the animal, it is better to have a reference guide. Here she is!

How to make friends with a rabbit: listen

The rabbit does not speak to us, not by word of mouth, but it communicates many things to us. How to understand them? By paying close attention to his non-verbal language which is rich, we just don't know him well enough but over time, we will become very good. Do not be discouraged if your new friend seems enigmatic at first and, above all, do not expect gestures in a certain sense as blatant as those of a dog and a cat.

The dog barks, wags its tail, growls, jumps, drools…. it is very difficult not to understand what he has in mind and, in some cases, he reiterates it too much. Cats, in their own way, but they are very good at making us understand what they want. Think of the meow, the purr, but also theirs "Expression" of disapproval when we do something they don't like, not to mention high-pitched, threatening cries when they feel unsafe or disrespected.

You won't get these signs from a good rabbit but you don't have to consider it for that less expressive. We must commit ourselves to understand his ways of communicating! Let's see some of them together.

  • Joy: when a rabbit runs like crazy, runs around the room, hops, jumps from one place to another, then it is happy and bursting with joy.
  • Hunger: if our pet stands in front of us and quickly moves his nose shaking his mustache, then he is hungry like a wolf. If we really don't understand, he can even gnaw at furniture or our clothes until we give him at least a snack.
  • Discomfort: when a rabbit kicks and wags its tail, it is a bit annoyed with us, because we have wronged it or because we have pampered it too much, making it feel suffocated. If, on the other hand, we are hindering him, I will try to move with the nose, always with a very brusque but not aggressive way.
  • Desire for pampering: If the cat "makes pasta", the rabbit starts to dig if we are holding it in our arms, trying to musate to make us understand that it wants to be pampered.

How to make friends with a rabbit: safety

The rabbit, as the saying that sees him as protagonist suggests, it is not a lion-hearted animal. Hence, it is necessary to make him feel safe and secure. To make friends with a rabbit, therefore, we begin to give it a comfortable, safe and comfortable den, it is the essential premise to then be able to pick it up and cuddle it.

A rabbit who knows he has a safe place to take refuge he is more sociable towards those who relate to him. When we get closer, however, perhaps to lift it off the ground, let's not do it abruptly but with modest delicacy and at the same time with decision. It must feel safe but not threatening.

How to make friends with a rabbit: trust

We assume that the rabbit is aware that it is prey so in general he is terrified of the idea of ​​someone threatening him. Winning his trust is not trivial and requires a lot of patience. Let's not approach our friend too fast or making noises that are too loud, let's move slowly and gently and don't insist too much on having a contact with him, it would be better if he were looking for us while he sees us wandering around the house. So let's try to behave calmly and not stress him, observing how he moves and what his intentions are.

How to make friends with a rabbit: empathy

Just as we observe it, to try to better interpret its signals, we have to put ourselves in his shoes. So let's think how we might feel if we were big like him, with no special tools to defend ourselves, in a somewhat strange environment and with a giant, us, who feeds us. If we can't imagine how it feels, let's lie down and look at the world from its perspective, everything will seem more enormous and we will understand the prudence with which our friend gives his trust.

How to make friends with a rabbit: cuddling

Not when we want but when he likes it, we can pamper our rabbit. The best time in many cases is the one following the meal when, with a full stomach, it relaxes and with pleasure it abandons itself in our arms. For each rabbit it can be different but let's try to approach him gently to understand if digestion pampering is a welcome thing.

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