Stone fireplace: why it is a great choice

Stone fireplace: why it is a great choice

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Now that winter has finally arrived, there is nothing better than getting comfortable next to the fire of a fireplace. And when it comes to designing a fireplace, the Stone natural it is probably the most elegant, durable and efficient material you could ever want. But why the stone fireplace is it at the top of many people's choices?

The list of reasons - which we will partly investigate in the next few lines - is very long. On the other hand, natural stone retains heat better than anything else, requires virtually no maintenance and is incredibly resistant to wear. Plus, it can withstand extreme temperatures and doesn't suffer from mold like other materials.

In short, whether it is update your old brick fireplace or to build something new, probably the stone fireplace is the most suitable and conscious choice you could make, as well as the most ecological one.

Below we have tried to take stock of some of the main benefits that a stone fireplace can give to your home. Let's see them together.

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Heat retention

There Stone natural absorbs, stores and radiates heat, and therefore can effectively improve the efficiency of your home, since the heat of the fire radiates throughout the space. Marble and limestone are particularly effective in absorbing heat, while granite is particularly effective in conducting it. Basalt and soapstone are also very good at storing heat and releasing it slowly over a long period of time.

Low maintenance

Natural stone is exceptionally easy to maintain - just give it a wipe with a cloth every now and then to make it look new. That said, some stones, such as marble, are porous, so you may want to consider sealing them to prevent dirt or soot from settling. Regardless of the type of stone you use, you will be able to spend your time enjoying this installation, rather than trying to maintain it.


Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world - and it's extraordinarily long-lasting. Just look at ancient buildings around the world - stone survives while other materials fade and rot. Some stone surfaces can last for decades without losing their luster, while others, such as limestone, keep wonderfully over time.


Natural stone is known to be practically indestructible. It is able to withstand wear without falling apart and is extremely resistant to water damage and mold. For this reason, people use stone in areas that take the most trauma - such as countertops, floors, bathrooms and fireplaces.

Types of stone to use

While you can choose any natural stone for your fireplace, there are a few options that seem to be particularly suitable for this space.

In particular, the limestone and the Soapstone they are clean and simple, with a more modern touch, while the slate is incredibly durable and can help generate a rustic atmosphere. Marble has a rich beauty that is impossible to replicate - and it can be sanded or polished if a more formal look is desired. Granite is an excellent choice for any contemporary space, and is one of the hardest and most resistant stones available. If you prefer something with more personality, you can't go wrong with a richly textured stone like quartzite.

Cost of the stone fireplace

But how much does a stone fireplace cost? What are the charges that should be taken into consideration when designing a stone fireplace?

In fact, it is very difficult to average the costs of construction of a stone fireplace, considering that they can range from a minimum of 1,000 euros for the cheapest ones, up to over 10,000 euros depending on the prestige of the materials used.

However, starting from a cost of 1,000 euros for models with smaller dimensions or with stone claddings only in the frame, but not in the hood, rustic stone fireplaces have an extremely economical price and a construction time included in 1-2 days.

Of course, with such a quote you will certainly not be able to expect a work of great refinement, but it will still be able to bring a rustic touch to your apartment.

Also keep in mind that in addition to the shapes, dimensions and material used in your stone fireplace, the amount of work you should carry out to be able to modify your environment, especially if it is not already there is another fireplace in your environment, and you must therefore prepare the necessary system from scratch to be able to enjoy such an intervention.

In short, the above should allow you to understand that it is not possible to make a too precise average when it comes to understanding how much a stone fireplace could cost.

If you want to know more, therefore, our suggestion can only be to talk about it with an expert designer in this matter, who will not only be able to show you different functional alternatives to achieve your goals, but can also advise you on which structural works are convenient. accomplish in order to improve the effectiveness of this investment.

We therefore hope, with this brief focus, to have provided you with some more information to improve your knowledge of the stone fireplace. We can only refer you to the advice of an expert in order to obtain more information on the most useful solution for your apartment!

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