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The choice of best cage for your dog it is not easy because the market offers different types of cages and it is not always easy to consider all the variables that lead us to identify the best product for our four-legged friend.

In this article you will find the review of four quality cages that our editorial team has carefully tested and evaluated for you by listing strengths and weaknesses.

After the reviews, you will find a section dedicated to answering the questions users ask themselves to evaluate the best purchase, based on our experience.

In choosing the ideal cage for our dog we will also have to think about what we believe to be the most important factors both for us and for our four-legged friend: for example, it is possible that it is particularly important for us that the cage is spacious for offer our dog an experience of comfort or that is easily washable.

Midwest Dog Cage: The Best

There Midwest dog cage it is undoubtedly the best choice for your four-legged friend even if on the other hand it must be said that for us it is not the cheapest solution.

The cage is resistant to the bites of the liveliest dogs and inside there is a divider that allows you to enlarge or reduce the cage according to the size of our four-legged friend.

The large space inside allows us to set up this cage ad hoc for the basic needs of our dog, in fact it is possible to insert its bowls or a mat so that it can sleep comfortably.

The only negative aspect of this product is that it does not have a very secure closure, in fact it can happen that a particularly lively dog ​​can open the cage in complete autonomy.


  • resistant to bites
  • very spacious
  • adjustable size
  • it can be used as a kind of house

Points of weakness

  • closing system not very secure


£ 140.03 + £ 38.08 delivery

Find more information on this product for dogs on this dedicated page on Amazon.

AmazonBasics dog cage - the safest

There AmazonBasics dog cage it is the safest product for us and our four-legged friend.

The entrance doors are secured by two hinges with a latch to keep them closed, in this way even those who have a particularly lively dog ​​can avoid worrying about a possible escape.

This product, built in sturdy metal, is resistant to the bites of any dog ​​breed. It is also very practical because it is foldable and therefore easily transportable.

This product also provides for the possible use of an optional dividing panel that is used to choose the size of the cage based on the size of our four-legged friend. On the bottom of the cage there is a handy removable plastic tray and therefore easy to clean.


  • folding
  • many sizes available
  • resistant to bites
  • very secure locking system
  • easily cleanable plastic bottom

Points of weakness

  • there is no carrying handle


€ 49.99 shipping included

Find more information on this product for dogs on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Feandrea dog cage: the most comfortable

There Feandrea dog cage, thanks also to the two handles present, it is the most comfortable solution for us and our four-legged friend.

This cage is made of iron with the electrophoresis treatment that allows the product to be resistant to moisture and anti-rust.

The rounded corners help protect our four-legged friend from bruises.

This cage has a double door that facilitates our dog's entry and allows us to keep it clean more easily. Each door is equipped with an “L” -shaped sliding bolt closure to ensure maximum safety even with particularly lively large dogs.

This dog cage is also foldable for easy transport.


  • convenient to carry
  • folding
  • rounded corners
  • moisture resistant and anti-rust

Points of weakness

  • not easy to assemble


41,99 € shipping included

Find more information on this product for dogs on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Maxx dog cage: the cheapest

There Maxx dog cage despite being the cheapest, it looks like a quality product.

The well-studied design of this cage allows us to install and fold it in a few moments without difficulty, and there is also a handle that makes it easy to transport.

The plastic tray included inside is easily removable to facilitate cleaning.

The product consists of welded iron bars with the application of electrophoresis treatment to allow the cage to be resistant and anti-rust.

The rounded corners help increase safety for our four-legged friend.

The cage has two doors to facilitate entry for our four-legged friend.


  • durable and anti-rust
  • rounded corners
  • easily removable plastic tray
  • easy to assemble and fold

Points of weakness

  • non-optimal security system


Starting at € 36.99

Find more information on this product for dogs on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions of those who are considering the purchase

Question: What are the most important characteristics to evaluate in order to buy the best cage for my dog?

Answer: Surely one of the most important factors is the size: your dog must have enough space to lie down and turn around comfortably.

Question: What are the advantages of buying a cage with a good safety system?

Answer: Often and gladly our four-legged friends are very lively and do not like to be locked in a cage, for this reason they try all possible ways to get out.

Having a dog cage with a secure closure system is essential first of all for the safety of our dog and also for us in certain situations such as when we are driving.

Question: Is a cage with a hard or soft bottom better?

Answer: In general, a cage with a rigid bottom is better also because it must be used in cases of movement, consequently our dog must be facilitated in its movements inside.

If you want to make a home use of the cage then it is advisable to put a cushion on the plastic bottom.

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