LED lights: here are the offers to save

The LED lights have huge savings potential on the billelectric energy. This is because they are devices capable of wasting much less energy than traditional light bulbs, in comparison with which they are LED lights they also have a much longer duration.

The duration of LED lights it is calculated between 50 thousand and 80 thousand hours on average, equivalent to over six years of use for a typical family and even more for the latest generation devices. The positive consequence is a tangible saving for users' pockets and a good contribution to environmental protection in terms of less pollution.

L'energy efficiency however, it is not the only advantage of this technology that has now entered our homes. The LED lights they also make it easier to manage lighting at home or in the office because, for example, it is possible to notice in time the need for replacement.

We realize why the LED bulbs they gradually go out instead of burning out like old incandescent bulbs. Also they are extremely versatile, with advanced color management, which can go from cold to warm and be in various shades, and the type of light.

The main problem of LED bulbs the cost remains, even higher than the old light bulbs although the advantages, in a short time, allow you to recover the extra spent and start saving thanks to greater efficiency.

This is why they have been establishing themselves on the market for some time offers energy just think to finance this purchase which can be expensive (especially if you want to change all the lights in a house) but it will soon bear fruit.

There is one of the pioneers of this 'territory' Simple Energy of Illumia, which allows you to receive a kit of LED bulbs worth 200 euros on loan for use, chosen at will in the Illumia online store. The offer is able to save 100 euros a year for the profile of a typical family.

The initiative has recently been launched Led light of Enel Energia, which allows you to pay the amount of the replacement of light bulbs a little at a time in the bill, divided into 36 small monthly installments.

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