Don't Waste Award: the sustainability of human relations at the center of the 11th edition

Don't Waste Award: the sustainability of human relations at the center of the 11th edition

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It's people at the center ofeleventh edition of the Non Waste Award, the project born on the initiative of Antonio Galdo, founder and director of the site Non with the scientific and organizational support of Luiss Guido Carli, which is aimed at young people, schools, businesses and associations to develop innovative ideas to protect environmental, economic and social sustainability.

This year the Award, whose registrations are open until October 30th, wants to collect sustainable ideas that bring together citizens and associations to highlight bottom-up initiatives that generate impact on people's lives, to face the next phases of post-covid.

L'Luiss Guido Carli University also this year marries the Don't Waste Award as an integral part of a path of awareness, attention and care towards sustainability issues.

From volunteering activities and seminar and experiential paths to offer children an enlarged reflection of the world around them.

The Non Waste Award is a further one for the Free International University of Social Studies training element for students, but also of openness to the University which, together with the world of associations, businesses, and schools, is the spokesperson for solutions for sustainable development of the physical and economic environment to achieve effective social progress.

Over the course of the various editions, more and more projects have been presented and have received recognition of the goodness of their initiatives, an unmistakable sign of growing social mobilization.

An award for those who do not waste and who teach not to waste. Until October 30, those who care about this issue and have an original idea on the issues of sustainability and anti-waste in the social, economic and environmental dimension, can apply to participate in the call, choosing one of the five categories:

  1. companies
  2. associations
  3. young people (under 35) and start-ups
  4. institutions
  5. schools and universities.

The winners will then be selected by the readers of the web and, at a later stage, a jury will decide the two winners, one Italian and one foreign.

How to participate

To participate, simply send an email to the address[email protected] attaching:

  • Project presentation
  • Photographic images related to the project (jpg format) - if available, videos can also be sent (possibly included directly in the ppt)

Project objectives

In order to have an excellent chance of being selected, projects should be characterized by the following characteristics:

  1. Response to real needs
  2. Innovativeness
  3. Feasibility
  4. Scalability
  5. Impact - both in terms of beneficiaries reached and in terms of the depth of change
  6. Relevance of the topic / interest for the community of reference.

A phase of the last edition of the Don't waste award with the Director Antonio Galdo and the economist Fitoussi

Awards for the winning projects

The winner of each section will receive Alce Nero organic products equal to the body weight of the proposers. The Don't waste award will be awarded on the occasion of the grand final ceremony that will be hosted in Rome by the Luiss Guido Carli University, at the forefront of promoting sustainable activities and culture. The delivery of the Prize will take place at the end of November 2020 at the Luiss headquarters in Viale Romania 32, Rome.

Partners of the Don't Waste Award

With Luiss, the Non Waste Prize makes use of others scientific, institutional and editorial partnerships: La Sapienza University of Rome, Ministry of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection, National Research Council (CNR), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), RAI Radio 1, Corriere della Sera - Buone Notizie, Fondazione Catalano and our website Our website.

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