Compostable Coffee Capsules

Compostable Coffee Capsules

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The Compostable Coffee Capsules of Vergnano, are a reality that has been a pioneer in the sector of compatible capsules and that, over time, has never ceased to be successful. Officially awarded among consumers for the quality of the coffee, they had the merit of paving a green path in the portioned market, often the "enemy" of zero impact.

Compostable Coffee Capsules: characteristics

The line is called “Èspresso1882” and is the first of compostable coffee capsules, compatible with Nespresso® machines for the home, and with Èspresso1882 TRÈ machines. That of compostable, it is not a mere slogan to launch any new product because to certify that it is an environmentally friendly line there is the wording "OK COMPOST" by Vinçotte, an internationally recognized body that goes to the substance and certainly does not respond to the laws of marketing.

The Compostable Coffee Capsules of Vergnano are biodegradable but not at the expense of quality. No fear, therefore, should arise in lovers of the aroma of coffee because it is perfectly preserved, it is found intact at the first sip of the blend.

It is not trivial to obtain this result which, on the one hand, demonstrates that the sustainable change should not be paid for by lowering the quality of the product, on the other it introduces a bit of greens into the portioned market.

This is a market that is generally not easy for those aiming at low environmental impact products because, while offering great opportunities for development and profit, it has an inherent tendency to produce more “waste” and waste than others. Speaking of coffee, logically a capsule net of the blend tasted has a greater impact on the environment than other methods of preparing coffee such as mocha or pods.

Compostable coffee capsules: how to dispose of them

Another commonplace that these compostable coffee capsules disassemble is what leads us to think that such a product then involves a complicated management in the disposal phase. In other words, it requires who knows how many "disassembly" operations to be able to divide all the various materials into the different bins for separate collection. Not so, not this time, because compostable coffee capsules can be disposed of in the wet container without having to separate the wrapper from the coffee, a nice convenience that makes this project concrete, effective and successful.

Compostable Coffee Capsules: packaging

Continuing on the line of disposal but expanding the reasoning to the entire package with which Vergnano compostable coffee capsules have been on the market since their birth, let's see how the packaging was conceived. It too was renovated, for the occasion, and obviously from an ecological perspective. Each component it is therefore disposable in separate collection: the box in the paper, the wrapping in the plastic and the capsule in the organic. The capsule in particular, is made with biodegradable and compostable polyesters partly obtained from renewable sources. It not only complies with the UNI EN 13432 standard but is also able to guarantee excellent performance during the coffee extraction phase, despite the high levels of temperature and pressure.

Compostable coffee capsules: the prize

Vergnano's biodegradable capsules were immediately a great success and were presented at Expo Milano the same year of their birth. The following year, the following year they won another banal recognition, they were elected "Product of the Year 2016", an innovation award that is awarded based solely on the vote of consumers. A confirmation of excellence that continues every day, just like the pleasure of coffee.

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