The meeting of the year: GE Oil & Gas

A Expo sensational, the largest international conference dedicated to the presentation of technological solutions, where you have the opportunity to see and touch the progress that technology has managed to do so far, without taking a peek at future projects. Participants will be able to witness first-hand the greatest technological miracle: the transformation of a simple piece of metal into tools hitech. The meeting brings together the most influential personalities in technology, the exponents of the companies that have a key role in the latest technological developments.

After more than a decade, the GE Oil & Gas Annual Meeting has become a corporate tradition. Each year this event offers great opportunities, the next appointment is scheduled for January 30th and 31st. Last year's meeting welcomed over 850 representatives from 70 different countries and experts from 200 large companies. The assembly of this 2012 will be even better. An exciting event that will take stock of the situation on the role of oil and gas and everything that revolves around these two fundamentals energy resources. The meeting has an exceptional roster of speakers, speakers and industry professionals.

With the appointment on Tuesday 31 January, participants will have the opportunity to visit the facilities of GE Oil & Gas of Massa and Florence, so as to experience firsthand the pressing progress of the activities implemented in the GE factories. The tour will allow visitors to follow the activity of a turbine and see how a simple piece of metal can be transformed into cutting-edge technology. Productivity, security and sustainability of the Italian plants. The one to be held at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Florence is the largest international conference dedicated to presenting advanced technological solutions for all oil and gas segments. The motto of this 2012 will be: Leading, Progress, Together.

The multinational General Eletric it has been several times at the top of the rankings drawn up by Forbes, it was the first company in the world for importance of sales, profits, assets and market value. Established in 1892 and 1896, GE was ready to market x-ray equipment. The company is a leader in various sectors, from electricity, lighting, gas turbines, wind turbines up to the production of aircraft and electric engines.

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