How to prepare for a job interview

How to prepare for a job interview

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On the agenda we have set a job interview but we just don't know as behave. Today, due to the high unemployment rate, having a stable job seems like a mission impossible. A fortiori, it is more than appropriate to understand how to prepare for a job interview.

How to behave at a job interview? Certainly without forgetting good education at home, then it is good to be prepared and attentive to every detail, both in the well-kept clothing, in the drafting of the curriculum and in the attitude with which we place ourselves.

Let us remember that the curriculum is used to communicate our personal and professional profile to a company in order to promote our candidacy. We must then think about it and prepare it in order to capture the recipient's attention and produce listening. However, the same curriculum cannot always be valid for all occasions and the text must be modified, integrated or updated so as to be "reasoned" and aimed at the goal. Maybe we show elasticity, offering ourselves for different but necessarily similar areas.

To the job interview we have to give a good “first impression” because we won't have a second chance to do it. Here are some tips that will make you think about how to prepare for a job interview:

We arrive on time and announce ourselves.
Let's give a frank and firm handshake, but without showing excessive confidence. Therefore, we carefully avoid saying words or phrases such as "Pleased", "Very happy", "Very happy", "Nice to meet you". These phrases are conventional but in reality we do not yet know if it will be a pleasure or not, having made that knowledge. We say our name not too quickly and not too softly, but clearly and understandably. Above all, let's say it with a smile, because smiling indicates openness and willingness to meet.

What NOT to do at job interview.
We pay attention to posture; let's not sit with a dead weight, it can turn out to be an attitude of self-interest, but not too rigid without touching the chair with your back. We do not rest our arms on the desk. Let's not gesticulate with our hands, let's not bite our nails, let's not torment a ring or the watch, but let's keep them in our lap (no arms folded).

What to do at job interview. Let's speak in a friendly, relaxed tone of voice. This is in fact a very important aspect that a company evaluates when it has to choose to place a person for 4-8 hours a day in a specific sector, in close contact with other employees. In fact, the corporate climate is largely conditioned by the relationships between colleagues. Let's keep calm and smiling, able to withstand stress well and avoid tones of challenge or sarcasm.

The purpose of a job interview. The recruiter will want to understand how we reason, how we know how to interact, how we argue or know how to mediate. He will want to understand what opinion we have of us and of others, what our aspirations are and how we plan to achieve them. So to a job interview let's be collaborative and active.

How to behave at a job interview: Questions and answers. It is essential to thoroughly research all the information about the company (make sure you know the place where you would go to work). Let's get interested in that particular job. We ask about the company: market, organization, medium-long term objectives, responsibilities and perspectives of the proposed position, training projects and updating activities. We discuss our answers, opinions and choices, but we are careful not to talk too much: exhaustive yes, but with good synthesis skills.
We pay attention to the questions we ask. We do not pester the examiner, it could transmit anxiety, above all we avoid pressing to find out the outcome of the interview or worse still how much the fee will be.

In order not to risk being venal, you can pre-empt the question by asking, for example, at what level of the National Collective Labor Agreement they intend to assign us, the amount of the compensation will then be easily deductible by consulting the appropriate tables; finally, but not least, to a job interview let's remember good manners!

We always call "her" even if the interlocutor may be the same age, say hello before leaving, reminding us to thank for the opportunity offered to us to support the interview.

Other tips for pos job interview. It may be useful to send an email or letter of thanks within three working days of interview. It will serve to give a positive and courtesy impression towards the company, especially since we are in the waiting period to know the outcome of the interview.

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