Electric cars in Italy

Electric cars in Italy

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In Italy, when the electric vehicles? Estimates predict a total of 3.8 million electric cars that will circulate on the roads of our country within the next eight years. The forecasts are from the Politecnico di Milano and see the electric cars win a big slice of the Italian automotive market.

For every five new cars purchased, one must be electric. These are the words of Corrado Clini, the Minister of the Environment, rather than relying on statistical data, focuses on hope so as to have at least 10% of electric cars. The most scrupulous estimates were made by the Politecnico di Milano, according to which, by 2020, the potential of the electric automotive sector ranges between 2 and 3.8 million electric vehicles. The estimate made by the Politecnico di Milano takes into consideration only the electric cars that can be recharged with the appropriate electric column.

Before becoming a standard, electric vehicles have to overcome various difficulties; among these is the low diffusion of electric columns which - again according to the estimates of the Politecnico di Milano - foresee an expenditure of between 1.2 and 3 billion euros. Funds needed to fill the peninsula with electric columns, charging points for clean cars.

There has been much talk of ad hoc incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles but, if we exclude the Bolognese initiative that encourages the purchase of an electric motorcycle, in Italy we are still on the high seas on this front. There is a lack of financial plans that once again see Italy lagging behind other European countries: already in 2011 in England and Spain state incentives for the purchase of a electric car they reached 6,400 and 6,500 euros.

The lack of incentive plans and electric columns to recharge these cars, they start Italy at a great disadvantage in the electric car sector. Last July, the Authority for Electricity and Gas launched a series of concessions for the installation of about a thousand columns in nine regions of Italy. The construction will have to take place by 2015, so to date the columns are very small in number.

Car manufacturers continue to produce hybrid cars, considered the best solution to cut CO2 emissions related to transport but also to definitively solve the problem concerning the imminent scarcity of carbon-based sources: gasoline is destined to run out and with the as time passes, the cost is bound to reach exorbitant peaks.

On the front charging columns for electric cars, good news comes from REV and ABB Italia that sign an agreement for the industrialization of charging stations for electric vehicles. REV is the new company of the Repower group and was set up with the aim of providing electric mobility. The two companies work together to produce charging columns designed for "slow refueling" in alternating current which, in the near future, also for the preparation of electric columns for fast charging in three-phase alternating current.

The need to have charging columns fast is dated by one of the limitations of the electric automotive sector: too often cars require charging times that are too long, reaching up to 8 hours for a full charge. The Repower columns were designed by Italo Rota and Alessandro Pedretti and intended for installation in semi-public and public areas.

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In the photo, the REV and ABB column

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