Recycling the costume is worthwhile

Recycling the costume is worthwhile

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The recycling it's good for the environment but also for you. It is not a new environmental slogan but a campaign that will allow you to obtain a discount coupon Calzedonia on the purchase of a new swimsuit. By bringing your old costume to the shop you will be entitled to good discounts of different economic value.

Many eco-sustainable initiatives arise from a business idea that believes in the possibility of one new green economywhich develops and supports new concepts related to environmental sustainability. There are many successful companies that already operate in the sector and do their utmost to promote virtuous behavior, worthy of being highlighted and disseminated. A new approach and interaction mentality capable of giving excellent results not only from an entrepreneurial point of view but also in the name of responsible use of the planet's resources. The initiative "clean sea"Launched by the Italian company Calzedonia that offers coupons in favor of a healthy recycling.


From April 1st to June 30th, it will be possible in any Calzedonia store to recycle the old bathing suit, to buy a new one. For each woman costume used there will be a discount coupon five euros on the purchase of a women's swimsuit: the old swimsuit can be both bikini and one-piece. A discount of three euros will be applied to the purchase of a new men's costume for each men's costume used, whether slip or boxer. For children's briefs or boxers or briefs, bikinis or whole girls discount coupon will amount to two euros.


  • Initiative valid until 30 June 2012
  • Woman costume 5 euro discount
  • Man costume 3 euro discount
  • Costume for children 2 euro discount
  • The voucher will only be validated upon purchase of the new costume
  • The reductions are not cumulative
  • The promotion is valid in all "Calzedonia" stores participating in the initiative in Italy
  • This initiative does not apply to categories of products other than swimwear such as beachwear, bags, shorts, beach towels, etc.
  • The costume used can be of any brand

Why this initiative?

Many companies have already joined this kind of initiative: this autumn, for example, Intimissimi's over-evaluation campaign for used bras embraced the spirit eco friendly. The used bras collected by “Intimissimi” were destined forOvat Campagnari SRL and placed in the production of insulating and sound-absorbing panels, designed for the soundproofing of closed environments and useful for limiting noise pollution.


The scrapping promoted by Calzedonia, on the other hand, will take place in collaboration withI: COLLECT AG, which will convert swimwear back into clothing lines in accordance with the laws and ethical principles.

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