Energy certification of buildings, the Italian situation

Energy certification of buildings, the Italian situation

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We know what the energy classes of buildings, this is such a relevant certification that since January 1st 2012 it has been well thought out to make it mandatory to specify it on every real estate advertisement. In Italy we sail on the high seas both for the specification of the energy classes and for the regulations concerning the topic of energy performance in buildings.

The initiative was taken by the European Commission which decided to refer Italy to the EU Court of Justice for not fully complying with Directive 2002/91 / EC, so to speak, the one concerning the energy performance of buildings.

What does the directive on energy performance in buildings and what Italy is not doing.
The directive was issued by the European Parliament and the Council on 16 December 2002. According to this directive, Member States should have applied a methodology for calculating the Energy Performance of all the buildings and from here, the birth of energy certification of buildings: member states have the duty to carry out periodic inspections to check the condition of the building, specifically, boilers and air conditioners, the two most energy-hungry household appliances.

Italy, four years after the directive, ie in 2006, has already received an infringement procedure. From 2006 to today, despite the numerous letters of formal notice forwarded to the Italian authorities, our country, after 10 years, still has not adapted to the European directive.

Energy certification of buildings, I certify
The directive provides that the certificate of energy certification is made available to the owner or prospective buyer or lessee and such certificate it is expected at every stage of the life of a home: from construction, sale or rental. Hence the obligation to specify the energy certification on real estate ads. This certification can be made by qualified experts or authorized persons with related inspections of the passenger compartment.

Currently, Italy has not complied with the EU and construction continues to fail to meet the criteria of Energy Performance. There is a lack of implementation measures relating to inspections of air conditioning systems and in addition, Italy does not fully apply the EU directive, on the contrary, it has inserted derogations from the obligation, derogations that are not provided for by the EU directive.

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