Expo 2015, guaranteed visibility

Expo 2015, guaranteed visibility

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It seems that Expo 2015 is not just an opportunity to revive the Milanese economy, the whole boot focuses on Milan Expo 2015 and also foreign countries. This is the case of Estonia where the Minister of Economic Affairs pushes the Government to participate in theWorld Exhibition from Milan. The participation of Estonia would cost the state about 3.7 million euros.

Like many other countries, Estonia too has received an invitation from the Expo 2015 Commission. According to the Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs, Juhan Parts, his homeland should participate because the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”Is strongly felt and would give greater visibility to companies in the nation.

The participation of Estonia would weigh on the state coffers with an economic output of 3.7 million euros. This figure is considered too expensive for this reason the ministry has proposed to collect the necessary sum "in installments“, Over the next three years. So in 2013 the Estonian government should allocateExpo 2015 a sum of 100,000 euros, followed by another million euros in 2014 and the rest in 2015.

A recent survey conducted by Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry found that 70% of companies operating in Estonia consider it necessary to participate in the Milan Expo 2015. Estimates predict a turnout atExpo 2015 of about 20 million visitors, one third from foreign countries and the remaining 2/3 from Italy.

The Minister of Economic Affairs Juhan Parts, based on the estimates made by the Italian Commission, it has calculated that at least 10% of guests will visit the pavilion of their country, this will guarantee the companies of Estonia a visibility that goes beyond 11,000 visitors a day!

In the photo the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai (Photo: AFP / Scanpix)

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