Switzerland, ready for Expo 2015

Switzerland, ready for Expo 2015

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What consumers are you? The Swiss pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 will want you to reflect on this. The theme is nutrition and what is at stake is conscious, supportive and sustainable consumption. The planning of the pavilion will begin in 2013 and will preview the presentation at the Swiss Center in Milan.

On 24 May, the project for the construction of the Swiss pavilion for theExpo 2015. The project was titled Confooderatio Helvetica and was chosen by a jury of experts from 103 proposals.

In addition to the exhibition dedicated to the theme of Expo 2015, exhibition modules for partners, a restaurant, an area for sponsors and a store are planned. All this on the 4,433 m² of space dedicated to the Swiss Pavilion.

To benefit from the presence of this country, once again will be the private economy, the cantons but also the entire city. Expo 2015 will be a great breath of air for Milanese companies and an opportunity for great visibility for all countries. More than 20 million visitors are expected to arrive, of these, 25 percent coming from abroad with 5 million foreign visitors, 40 percent of users, with its two 2 million, will come from Switzerland.

The total budget foreseen for Switzerland's participation is 23.1 million Swiss francs, of which 21 million will be allocated to the planning, assembly, dismantling and management of the pavilion.

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