Sustainability improves the economic results of companies

Sustainability improves the economic results of companies

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A study by the CReSV (Research Center on Sustainability and Value) of Bocconi University shows how environmental performance has a significant impact on equity returns of companies and that the commitment to sustainability is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) improves the economic results of companies.

The survey, presented in the recent Corporate Social Responsibility Exhibition - From saying to doing, analyzed 111 European companies with ethical ratings from 2005 to 2011, dividing them into two groups based on the rating level (high or low). The analysis of the results showed that an increase of 1 point in the environmental rating improves the equity excess by 0.17 in the high sample and by 0.23 in the low sample.

"The economic return of sustainability is measured in an innovative way - said Francesco Perrini, CReSV director - and therefore not only as a return or profit generated on the money invested, but as a multi-year utility investment that lowers business risk, increases it reputation opens up new markets, creates long-term value ensuring the survival of the company that renews itself and remains on the market. According to recent research the new sustainable products already have a market of around 6.2 trillion dollars today”.

For their part, companies are increasingly aware of the direct and indirect benefits of sustainability. The more than 90 organizations present in From saying to doing, the most important event in Italy dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility, they agreed to consider innovation in product, consumption, relationships and work indispensable to ensure economic and social development for themselves and for the country.

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