Efficiency and renewables: only united you win

It would help greater integration between energy efficiency efforts and renewables

Energy efficiency is the result of a serious and integrated design and an equally serious intervention by retraining and later management. There integrated design must make the best use of all the possibilities on the pitch, including renewables, thus achieving the integration between efficiency is renewable.

The above was part of the speech by Paolo degli Espinosa (Foundation for Sustainable Development) during the recent programmatic assembly of the Working Group Development of Efficiency and Energy Saving within the States General of the Green Economy. Co-authors of the contents presented to the assembly also Vincenzo Albonico (president AGESI) is Gino Romiti (Loccioni Group).

Gino Romiti, in particular, he stressed that: "Before there were large monopolies of producers, now thanks to distributed generation, in particular al photovoltaic, there are more than 30,000 prosumer which produce as well as consume energy. It begins to become clear that the energy problem it can be solved better by focusing attention on these elements smart terminalsrather than on large centralized manufacturing plants. Me too'energy efficiency it can become more attractive and concrete if prosumers are involved ”.

The debate during the GDL's programmatic assembly stressed that the prospect is interesting, provided that for smart terminals also i efficient user systems referred to in art. 5 of Decree 115/2008. Initiatives are therefore needed right from the start energy efficiency and involve the renewables.

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