Home fragrances with herbs and terrace petals

Home fragrances with herbs and terrace petals

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You want to have odoriferous jars of herbs and flowers for perfume the house during the winter? You can provide for yourself with little or no expense by tapping into terrace plants, of the balcony or of sill, and follow some simple instructions. Here's what to do.

First, get a glass jar with a ground glass lid. Repeat, according to the season and as long as there are, a layer of petals you hate fragrant herbs and a layer of coarse cooking salt. In the same vase there can also be about ten different species (rose, jasmine, carnation, lavender, mint, rosemary and more according to taste).

Each time you add new petals, close the jar hermetically so as not to disperse the precious aromas which in the meantime will have developed. But be careful: the flowers and herbs must be collected only if perfectly dry because otherwise they would deteriorate in the vase, altering the perfume.

If desired, to enhance the perfume, you can add a few drops of essence of roses to this mixture of petals; in this case, the essence of roses will be purchased from the florist or herbalist's shop, but it is the only external addition.

If you want some advice on the essences to use, you prefer flowers and herbs not too juicy, that is, full of sap, because even in this case, rot could be created which would compromise the success of the operation.

Starting in autumn, when it will no longer be possible to harvest flowers and herbs, the jar will be ready to be opened and used as a delicate room fragrance.

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