Formula E, the race for electric vehicles

Formula E, the race for electric vehicles

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The FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation), announced that from 2014 a new type of car competition will be inaugurated, the one that sees the most powerful compete against each other electric cars. The championship Formula E it will be the first dedicated to the sun electric cars and the presence of at least 10 teams with 20 professional drivers is expected.

It is still dark about which "teams”Will participate, the routes should be within the walls of the most important locations in the globe, just like the Formula 1, with the difference that being electric vehicles, no one will complain about the harmful emissions!

The championship will start in 2014 but will start from next year demonstration competitions to promote the championship. There Formula E it will not be just a new type of entertainment, the project was created to raise awareness in the world on issues such asclean energy and sustainable mobility. The goal is to involve the masses and relate them to the world of electric vehicles. The single-seaters powered by electric energy they will be able to show off speeds exceeding 220 km / h. The autonomy should guarantee the race times so as to make the betteria on board as light as possible.

The rights of the championship will be entrusted to a consortium of international investors called Formula E Holdings Ltd. (FEH):
"We are satisfied with this agreement with Formula E Holdings because the group has a strong experience in motorsport",
so said the president of the FIA, Jean Todt, right within the holding is Alejandro Agag, a former member of the European parliament who can boast a long experience in the racing sector of cars. "The agreement signed with the FIA ​​will be a formidable opportunity to kick off a new show in the name of clean energy and sustainable development", adds Agag.

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